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What IS The Poet’s Lair?

The Poet’s Lair is a paid newsletter of Christina M. Ward, (author of two best-selling poetry collections) which offers you…

  • A royally good time of growth and learning!

  • In-depth poetic teaching!

  • Writing prompts & inspiration!

  • Help for poets to sharpen their tools for publishing their work!

  • Recommended books to read for growing your poetic skills!

  • We also study poets like Walt Whitman, Alfred Tennyson, Emily Dickinson, Gwendolyn Brooks and so many more!

Terms we like using around the Castle…

The Poet's Lair Gazette – What we call the modern-day newsletter of The Poet's Lair – it's no longer a scrolled parchment but a quick and easy email sent straight to your inbox!

The Great Hall – The imaginary place where we all meet, celebrate poetry, and learn to dig deeper into our craft. (Glittery masks, feathery headresses, and glasses of mead are all optional but recommended.)

The Lair Library – Where we study the great writers and poets! Come, sit by the fire, and let’s take out a poetry book, together.

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